"hit like a pro"

Introducing the swing doctor 120.

A revolutionary new hitting aid for baseball & softball swing training.

The perfect swing begins from the ground, up

A 120° angle in the rear leg is essential to the perfect swing. When the rear leg is properly positioned, a domino effect occurs throughout the entire body, placing every other part in perfect alignment to perform the optimal swing.

The Swing Doctor 120 Will Enable You to:

Eliminate Swing Flaws

The SD120 cures swing flaws such as lunging at pitches, opening your front side too early, vertical head & eye movement, long swing and bat drag.

Build Muscle Memory Fast

With the SD120 training, you will learn to concentrate on the most essential aspect of hitting until you’re able to perform it instinctively.

Hit Like a Pro

Learning the perfect swing doesn’t have to take you an entire career of practice. The SD120 promotes rapid improvement and a perfect swing.

"With the SwingDoctor 120 I've become more conscious of keeping my back leg at 120 degrees, and it has helped develop more power through my swing."

Brendon Hayden

#55 | AA Philadelphia Phillies

How to Use the SD120

  1. Simply Strap The SD120 0n.
  2. Take Your Batting Stance, Feel Like You're Sitting In The Brace.
  3. Stride/Separate While Keeping Your Head Over Your Rear-Knee.
  4. Foot Plant - (as soon as the lead foot plants down) The "Rear-Anchor-Leg" Initiate's The First Move To The Ball By Simply Turning/Dipping The Knee Inward Towards The Pitch/Pitcher.
  5. The Hands, Shoulders and Bat Will Follow The Lead of the Rear-Knee in Harmony Extending The Hitting Zone & Creating an Explosive Powerful Swing.

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